Backyard Stage Etiquette

Welcome to my home! I want my guests to be able to relax and have a great time, so here are some guidelines to help you know what to expect. 

  • Please park on the side of the street across from the house. The side of the street closest to the house is a fire lane, and you will be ticketed if you park there (which would be a real bummer). Better yet, bike or walk to the show If you live nearby. 
  • The concerts take place in my backyard in an informal, picnic-like atmosphere. I have some limited seating available, but please bring your own lawn chairs or blankets if you are able. 
  • Please dress for the weather. Concerts will rarely (if ever) be cancelled. The stage is covered, and I have some large canopies that I can set up to protect you from rain if needed. In the case of severe weather, we may move indoors. 
  • We will have time to socialize, but the focus of house concerts is on the artists. Please settle in during the show and enjoy the music. 
  • All donations are given directly to the artists to compensate them for entertaining us. I strongly believe that artists should be paid for their work. The suggested donation is $10-$20 per guest. The host does not accept donations -- the house concerts are my gift to you!
  • I will provide non-alcoholic drinks like water and tea and some light refreshments. You are welcome to bring other things to eat or to share with others (though sharing is not required or expected). You may also bring alcoholic beverages if you would like. If you imbibe, please do so responsibly.
  • If you need to go into the house for any reason (like to use the restroom), please notify one of the volunteers wearing a Backyard Stage t-shirt to assist you.
  • Smoking is not permitted in the concert area or in the house. If you want to smoke, please step outside the gate. I'll try to remember to put a butt can out there for you.
  • Please pick up after yourself and leave my home and yard the way you found it -- but feel free to pull a few weeds if you would like.

That's it! If you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to ask. Most of all, I want you to relax and enjoy some great music among friends and neighbors -- the old-fashioned way!